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Note: The services of Kamala Mind and Body are a supplement to medical care. Please consult your doctor for advice. 

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My name is Shannon Yanick and I believe that when the mind, body, and spirit are in harmony, an individual can achieve optimum health. These days, many people are overworked and overstressed, leading to health issues. My own struggles with poor health and quality of life sent me on a quest to help others. My goal is to help people heal from the inside out.  

 With what I have learned through the ICF accredited Health Coach Institute, along with my prior experience from working in the health care industry, I have a variety of ways to help you attain your goals. I also use my spiritual knowledge from my Reiki Master Certification from Mount Royal University and my previous experiences to help you with finding your way.  
My mission
 is to help people of all ages take charge of their health and live their best life. 
I would love to work with you!!!