I am with you every step of the way to a better YOU!


My name is Shannon Yanick. My loves are my family and friends, animals, nature and all things spiritual...BUT most of all I LOVE helping people. It fills my soul. 

I have overcome a lot of health and life challenges in my years and learned a lot. Once my health started declining, the other areas of my life followed, leading to a sick, burned out, miserable version of me. I was struggling to run a family business and raise two kids in a troubled marriage, all while suffering adrenal burnout and a variety of chronic pain issues. I lost my light and was slowly watching myself become someone I did not recognize. One day I woke up and decided I was sick and tired of being SICK and TIRED! With determination and a lot of commitment I can say I managed to turn my life around.

I only wish I could have had someone when I was struggling to guide me in the right directions. Several years and certifications later, I am now happy to use my knowledge and experience to improve the lives of others. If I can make their day or life brighter, then I have succeeded. 


I am also certified in the arts of Body Sugaring and Brow Art and enjoy being a part of the esthetics community.

I would love to work with you!!!